Con  TrebleClef   Brio  "Lively and with vigour!"

Con Brio in ConcertCon Brio in ConcertCon Brio in ConcertCon Brio in Concert 

Shirley SmithShirley Smith

Con Brio was founded in 2002 by Shirley Smith. Originally an all female choir it grew rapidly to encompass all voices and consequently expanded its repertoire. Under Shirley's inspirational leadership the choir has continued to grow and develop and has a reputation for the wide range of musical genres that are likely to be performed at any concert.

Shirley retired as Musical Director at the end of the second successful trip to Latvia in summer 2011. To celebrate her achievement the choir took over a rehearsal evening and, together with choir members past and present, expressed  its thanks for a job well done. Apart from the enjoyment that the choir has given to its members and audience it has raised thousands of pounds for charities in our part of the world.